Spread across six diverse lines of service, Sparteqz makes sure your business gains the traction that it deserves. We leave no stone unturned and ensure your business objectives are met with the best architecture supporting its growth. Whether you need to build your brand from scratch or just need a few tools to add some polish to your processes, your search for cost effective business solutions ends with us.


BI dashboards and analysis

Competitive & Pricing intelligence

Collect intelligence on products, price, customers, reputation and competitors to develop a data-driven growth strategy for your company. 

Marketing intelligence

Stay informed of the key market developments and get access to reliable Marketing intelligence that will help you to plan and execute highly targeted B2B marketing campaigns.

Sales intelligence

Find quality leads, reduce sales cycles and close more deals by providing your sales team with a fresh insight of customer information and sales triggers

Web crawling & Scraping

Extract structured data from highly complex web pages at unbelievable speeds to power up your mobile app , Web app or any data augmented product

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